Elmer Davy, from Leon, at the age of 18 was already connected to electronic music, captivated by the techno produced in Detroit and Birmingham. He starts immediately to discover the roots of electronic music: the electro, the EBM or the acid-house of the 80s. In 2007, he begins his activity as DJ in differents clubs and projects in the north of Spain.

‘Quixotes Techno Dystopia’, a collective from his hometown that is very committed to the most underground music, is the collective where he has had the opportunity to develop his career as a resident DJ alongside great national and international artists.

As a good music lover, he has been collecting vinyls for more than a decade, with which he mixes in all his sets. He knows well how to create an atmosphere impregnated with eclecticism and dynamism in equal parts with a very careful musical selection mixed in perfect harmony. The breaks and acid sounds go together with raw techno and EBM resulting in a perfect combination for the dance floor.