We Are Not Brothers (WANB) is a post-industrial electronic music band born in Alcoy (País Valencià) in 2006.
After two LPs, several EPs and other exclusive material in compilations, they took a big step up in 2018 with their third album and most elaborated work so far, “III” (OR39). Produced in Studio Silencio by ​David Kano and featuring collaborations from Ana Curra (Paralisis Permanente), Hugo Mas and The Suicide Of Western Culture.
“III” has been edited by Oráculo Records, a young but renowned international label specialised in darkwave and all its subgenres, with the intention of producing iconic vinyl limited edition. In addition, the album was mastered by Eric Van Wonterghem (Absolute Body Control) at Prodam Berlin and It was released in a limited special edition that sold out in just one week.

The WANB-Oráculo binomial is total fact at this point, since they’re editing again with the Catalan label their next EP “Fuck Work” and the recently published release “Unusual sounds gathering vol.I”, a compilation of some of the bands that will be part of Ombra, a festival co-organized by the label that is an event to mirror from in Europe in terms of dark and avant-garde electronic music.